With a team of professionals with valences in the most varied areas, we have developed and implemented interior design projects for private homes, business spaces and hotel units.

Curtains and fabrics

All kind of curtains, roller shutters and custom made romanes. Custom footrest covers and decorative cushions. All types of indoor textiles. Wide selection of fabrics and wide offer of rods, gutters and accessories. We do the assembly.

Frames and Lighting

We sell, execute and customize all types of indoor and outdoor lighting. Tailor made abatjours. Wide selection of original pictures or prints. Variety in frames and mirrors.

Furniture and upholsterer

We manufacture custom-made furniture. We carry out all kind of work of upholsterer. Bed headboards.

Kitchens and floors

We make all kinds of kitchens, we restructure or add to your kitchen. We provide measurement verification, planning, delivery and installation services for your convenience. Wallpapers and their placement. Carpets, rugs, carpets, floating, microcement. We make all kinds of application.


The remodeling is a challenge for us, it is an area that allows us to use all our technical training and creativity, applying all our services, to transform the spaces to the measure of the aspirations of our client in an ergonomic and comfortable way. We do turnkey projects.


We present a project that is part of Country House typology, within the concept of Tourism in Rural Space. A quiet and peaceful environment, in a unique space, where the decoration and the pieces of design present, were designed and designed exclusively for Country House. The project also combined the restoration and restoration of real estate to the hospitality experience and the desire to innovate.