5 closet styles for various preferences and types of home

Having a closet is one of the most common requests for those who are going to remodel the house. This is because the division offers not only space to store clothes, but also to spend time taking care of yourself. There are models for all tastes and types of house: open, closed, compact, spacious, which divides the environment with the bedroom or separate from the sleeping space. The projects below illustrate the different versions with creativity.

1. Sober

In Kika Tiengo Arquitetura's project, sobriety takes over the closet, due to the cabinets with a special leaf finish with gray coloring. The cleanliness and neutrality of the layout results in a clean look for the room, which has the bed against the countertop.

2. Scandinavian
Removing the wall between two rooms made room for a closet in this project. "We broke a wall between the rooms and used a closet as a partition," says architect José Guilherme Carceles, who signs the project with Diogo Luz, from Casa 100 Arquitetura. Despite being separate, the American oak gives unity to the project, since it is the same material as the headboard.

3. Several in one
In the Pascali Semerdjian office project, the spacious suite allowed the closet and bed to share the same space. Marking this partition is the walnut counter, which serves as a space for storage and support for the dressing area. The furniture is the height of the window sill and covers almost the entire circumference of the room, unfolding into a headboard, bedside tables and desk.

4. Compact
The Studio Vert office has abused creativity to take advantage of every corner of this 40m² apartment. For the closet, the coat rack and shelves dispense the closet and are right next to the bed. Everything there is transparent: from the region to store clothes, to the pantographic door.

5. Movie thing
In the attic of the digital influencer Jade Seba, the closet was the star of the remodeling, designed by interior designer Marcela Barcelar. The need for a large space led the professional to solve a puzzle. “The space occupied by the closet also had to house the bed following the most common layout patterns, which ended up reducing its size in half”, reveals Marcella. After four studies of the plant, the decision was to separate the bed and create an open space that looks like something from an American film: with pink joinery, the environment has a modern and classic style at the same time. In addition, functional lighting has been designed especially for the space in order to increase clarity and focus.

Source: Revista Casa e Jardim